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Domain Registration
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Domain Members

100 personalized email addresses
  • Create up to 100 personalized email addresses and forward them to other email addresses.
  • Create a catch-all (wildcard) email address.
  • No advertising is added to forwarded emails.

Web/URL and sub-domain forwarding
  • URL Forwarding: Forward/redirect your domain name to any other URL/website on the web
  • URL Frame: This allows you to frame a site and have it use your own domain name address instead of some long address like:
  • URL Frame Meta tags: You can now edit the Meta Tags of a site using URL Frame, changing its keywords, title and others making it easier for search engines to catalog and display your site in their search results.

DNS Services (name server hosting)
  • Increase the speed and performance of your website by using our geographically dispersed name servers.
  • Real-time DNS updates (Dynamic DNS): This means that cable, DSL, or dial-up users can run a web site or other server from their home PC, even with a Dynamic IP address (using a DHCP server). Click for details.
  • Create up to 100 "hosts", or sub-domains, under your name.
  • Join the over one million hosts currently served by our name servers
  • Create a catch-all sub-domain domain
  • Setup all your DNS records: A, MX, CNAME
  • Change whois information. Modify individual domains' registrant/admin/technical contacts in real-time.

Parking Page
  • Easily "park" your domain at a page you can customize until you build your site.

Domain Name Locking
  • Lock your domains at the registry, providing an additional layer of protection from inadvertent name server changes and most importantly prevents unauthorized transfers from even being initiated!

Name your phone / Name your map
  • Give your phone a memorable, meaningful, identity so that people can send text messages to your phone without using an email client. A snap to setup. Select from 6 custom "skins" for your phone's site.
  • Ever want to give someone directions to your home or business? Now, you can just tell them, " go to" where a map to the location you've specified will be displayed.


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